The Ups and Downs of Whirlpool Bath Tubs

Published: 16th February 2011
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You must have come across many people and advertisements, which tell you that a whirlpool bathtub is essential for a luxury bathroom. Such tubs have jets installed by their sides to propel water with adequate force to generate a massaging motion of your choice. You know that a simple dip in a whirlpool bathtub till you soak, loosens your tense muscles and relax them. A whirlpool tub is an important home-improving investment. So, how much ever you are carried away by its features, it helps to examine the pros and cons involved before buying one. Here we review them one-by-one to minimize your efforts.

If there’s anything you need to think twice before buying a whirlpool tub, it’s probably the cost involved. This can be a downside, especially when you’re on a strict budget, as in remodeling. Some high quality tubs cost as much as several thousand dollars. Moreover, as the installation requires professional guidance, hiring a contractor adds many hundreds of dollars to the budget. Experts recommend that you pay the contractor at least ten percent of your total budget for a good, cost-effective installation that ensures your tub is fixed and remains so, as long as you want it to be.

Whirlpool tubs are more challenging to clean; compare to certain other air jetted tubs, as you simply turn on the jets to dry it. Whirlpool tubs carry a risk of damage when you do so. Bacteria grow from just one cup of leftover water. So, these tubs require extra diligence from you in maintenance.

The first obvious pro is that you can increase your home value by simply installing a whirlpool tub. These are the tubs that adorn the luxury bathrooms in million dollar homes. So, you’d want to improve your house value with such a bath tub, especially when you’re remodeling or redesigning your home. A word of caution here – by simply upgrading your bathroom to a whirlpool tub doesn’t mean you have the perfect bathroom. You need to pay attention to other details such as upgraded fixtures and accessories, which you need to freshly invest in, if you don’t have them already. To have a truly shiny new bathroom that complements your new bathtub, take care of these details.

Another unquestionable plus point of having a whirlpool tub is that you have one of the best means to relaxation within your reach. It is needless to say that people desire this tub for the prospect of the nightly dip in relaxing waters. You have the option of making it a quick nightly ritual; to wind down and de-stress from your day’s work or simulating a spa-like environment, all for a fraction of the price you’d have to pay otherwise for luxury dips and treatments. Hence, this is actually a cost-effective option when you’re looking for such comforts.

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